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Everyday God
The Real-Life Testimonies of Two Everyday People

bookAuthor Jeff Rathai is a self-proclaimed skeptic and logical thinker who resisted God’s advances into his life for years. God had always been a distant, silent partner—to be feared and obeyed but certainly not loved. Personal tragedy drove Jeff even further away. When the supernatural reality of Holy Spirit began to intervene in his life, however, his eyes were opened to a whole new side of God.

He suddenly saw questions and events from the past in a new light, and new paths began to open for him. The spiritual gifts available through Holy Spirit became an everyday reality, as Jeff frequently found himself in the middle of God-coordinated situations just ripe for the application of these newfound spiritual weapons.

Everyday God focuses on God’s presence in all aspects of our everyday life. Jeff shares spiritual keys and weapons that each and every one of us has at our disposal to help us through our daily struggles, along with an honest look at his own spiritual struggles along the way. Above all, he encourages us to pursue our own personal relationship with God, or to take our current relationship to the next level with a very real, and sometimes humorous, God.