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authorJeff Rathai was baptized Catholic, was raised and married Lutheran, attended a Baptist church, and is presently learning about the Jewish roots of the Bible. He and his wife, Dawn, live in Minnesota.

My wife, Dawn, and I both grew up attending church in small, rural towns, and in 2003, we were exposed  firsthand to the supernatural reality of God’s spiritual gifts through Holy Spirit. This turned our relationship with God completely upside down.

We are not ordained ministers, nor are we accomplished writers—we both work for an insurance company. We can quickly turn to a few Scriptures in the Bible that have become keys for us, but we cannot recite much of it word for word from memory.

We are just two normal people who have experienced the tangible presence of God (and Satan) in our everyday lives here on earth. Over the years, we have verbally shared these encounters here and there, but while sitting in a ministry conference in October 2011, God began downloading all of the details again, with the directive that it was time to formally document them in order to reach a wider audience. This book is the result.